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create a better future.

Hi, my name is Kaio and I work in partnership with NGOs, private companies and government agencies to imagine bold innovation opportunities that combine profit and social impact.

— Looking for Innovation?

Innovation Sprints

I lead innovation projects using a mix of methodologies such as Design Thinking, Design Sprint, Service Design and Lean Startup to co-create products, services and strategies.

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— Want to be digital?

Digital Strategy

I develop strategies that help organizations understand their customers, find new markets and make their business relevant in the digital world.

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— Hacking the Future?


I look for signs of the future, market trends, consumption, behaviors and technologies to help organizations prepare for tomorrow.

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— Maybe some stories?

Talks & Workshops

I offer lectures and courses focused on innovation, design thinking, creative process and entrepreneurship for events, universities and private companies.

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About me

Kaio Freitas

I have founded an NGO, an advertising agency, a band and a startup, and in my 10 years of experience in the creative industry I had the opportunity to work and meet incredible people and to go through cities like Rio, São Paulo, Mexico City, Los Angeles and Nairobi.

Now I invest my days (and sometimes nights) working in partnership with NGOs, companies and government agencies to imagine ideas and opportunities for innovation that can transform the world through design.

Please visit my LinkedIn profile and read my CV.

Talking about me
Events I've spoken
  • Hack Town (2016)
  • Paraty Eco Festival (2017)
  • TEDx Adventures (2016)
  • SEBRAE Startup Day (2017)
  • LabX - Fundação Estudar (2017)
  • GDG DevFest (2017)

Some thoughts

social innovation

The obsession to end poverty

Almost all social development projects focus on alleviating poverty rather than creating prosperity.

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How to use Design for social impact?

Like in any other profession, the life of a designer is to solve problems. But how do you make an impact?

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